We founded SX2 Ventures because it best reflects who we are personally and professionally. We leverage our experience as business builders, investors and professionals to support innovation and create long-term value in the human care sector.

Our sector mandate is exclusive to four human care themes:
  • Life sciences, with a focus on nutraceuticals
  • Longevity
  • Specialized care including eldercare, mental illness and end-of-life care
  • Emerging market healthcare solutions
We take a non-traditional approach to venture investing:
  •  We prioritize long-term capital growth over annualized return
  •  We look at value creation from the perspective of business builders more than investors. Where we see a market trend or theme that warrants investment, we are happy to build the business ourselves if we cannot find the right company to support
  •  We do not follow traditional venture capital performance benchmarks and insist that all of our projects create value across three dimensions: financial, experiential and benefit to humankind

Whilst our projects must benefit humankind, we are not interested in well-intentioned projects that are not financially rewarding or sustainable. But we also reject the notion that there is a fundamental conflict between these outcomes – that if a project adds value to society, there has to be some sort of financial trade-off. In fact, partly because of the overall human care theme of our mandate, we see opportunities to “trade-on”.