Our founding partners have known each other for nearly 20 years and worked with each other at different points in their careers before forming SX2. So far, all of the SX2 team are personally and professionally known to one of more of the founders.

We are at a certain point in our lives where we want to enjoy what we do and the people we work with. We want to learn from new experiences and also pass on what we have learned to others. Our culture of collaboration and mutual respect is very important to us. Generally, we believe that happiness deserves more prominence in the corporate world.


Described by Forbes as the company’s “savvy CEO”, Diane Scott brings over 20 years of global experience in the C-suite of enterprises in global emerging industries to her role of Chair and CEO of the JMCC Group.


After more than 25 years of global business experience, Tom Speechley co-founded SX2 Ventures with Diane Scott, leveraging his experience as an investor, business builder and lawyer to promote innovation and create long-term value in the human care sector.

Sherwin Krug

Chief Financial Officer
Sherwin Krug is CFO at SX2 Ventures and was most recently a partner at TechCXO, which provides on-demand CFO, COO and CTO services to both start-up and high growth companies. Sherwin’s experience includes finance, operations, M&A, legal, HR, marketing, compliance and product management.

Khawar Mann OBE

Investment Advisor
With over 20 years' experience in the investment sector and leadership of companies, Khawar Mann specialises in growth investing, with a particular emphasis on identifying emerging market forces and opportunities.

Dr Seema Sharma

Scientific Research Advisor
Dr Seema Sharma graduated with a PhD. in molecular neuroscience from University College London, and has a research background in neuroscience, biochemistry and proteomics.

Dr. Anne Pieper

Medical Advisor
Dr. Anne Pieper trained and practiced as an Orthopedic Surgeon for 15 years in Northern Germany and over time has moved from “fixing joints” to understanding why patients become ill from their lifestyles. She is focused on preventive and causation-oriented intervention.